Emergency Infrastructure for the Healthcare Sector

Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic and a rise in the UK’s demand for health services, the government has urgently requested a strong partnership between the private and public sector to alleviate the stress on the healthcare sector.

Ashby & Croft Group has been working strongly on delivering rapid infrastructure to help tackle the increased need for clinical spaces. Our Modern Method of Construction (MMC) allows adaptable spaces such as isolation facilities, testing centres, administration offices and emergency receptions.

With over 60 years of combined expertise, we are working hard to support the Department of Health and the NHS estates to provide life saving services across the United Kingdom.

Understanding Modular Construction for Healthcare

Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) allows the rapid production of prefabricated buildings built in a controlled environment before being shipped to site for finishing assembly.

Controlled environments allow economies of scale in that modules can be faster and more efficiently produced in large numbers to speed up delivery to emergency health services. Ready-made, these units are rapidly connected to provide more space for healthcare workers to safely treat patients whilst maintaining isolation protocols.

Allowing for permanent and semi-permanent use, our structures are built according to National Building Standards which offer a level of quality in line with traditional or onsite construction methods. Our bespoke buildings offer high specifications that can be tailored to meet a range of different healthcare requirements.

Not only being more efficient in use of resources and cost-effectiveness, the strongest advantage of modular construction during this healthcare crisis is the timeframe for completion. MMC greatly reduces the time required during many stages of traditional construction processes and can often be delivered within 6-10 weeks. Our buildings are the most sustainable and quickest solutions to treating more patients and keeping more health workers safe.

Procurement Paths

Ease of procurement is provided for NHS Trusts and the Department of health through both the Crown Commercial and NHS Shared Business Services frameworks. These frameworks are developed by independent bodies with stringent requirements and only awarded to suppliers with a proven tack record of providing exceptional services.

Procuring through these frameworks cover supply, construction, delivery and maintenance of both temporary and permanent modular buildings. They are readily available at no cost to the public sector and allow trusts to increase capacity via an OJEU accredited source.

Ashby & Croft are modular building suppliers on these Frameworks:

Crown Commercial
RM6014 Modular Building Solutions

NHS Shared Business Services
Ref: SBS/16/JS/PZS/9049

Direct Procurement

At Ashby & Croft we have had extensive experience with many building contracts through the public sector. According to your requirements and budgets, we are able to recommend the most convenient method of procurement and suggest you contact us directly first to discuss your healthcare space needs.

Flexible Contract Options

Due to the varying requirements and nature of different construction projects, we recognise the flexibility needed to enable the best contract option for your organisation. Flexible rental agreements may be a solution certain trusts are looking for, whilst clauses for buy-back agreements can allow faster procurement.

We aim to be adaptable to your financial needs in order to alleviate the burden on the NHS and their departments so that urgent space can be put into place as quickly as possible.

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